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Bhaskar Ravi
Posted Nov 18 - Read on Facebook

Anyone having trouble loading videos in share links? Everything works fine in Framer Studio, but once exported videos don't load (.mov and .mp4). Videos in old share links that were working as recently as yesterday don't load anymore either. Tested on multiple devices!


Marc Krenn

Can you give us more detail? Code passage or the whole project?

Bhaskar Ravi

Sure thing, take a look here:

It's simple enough. Just drag the bottom menu up and an overlay is introduced. The video plays in framer studio; the minute I upload, it no longer works. Weirdest thing is this has been working fine for the past month or two. This problem just occurred today, so don't know if it's a local issue or an issue with Framer servers.

Marc Krenn

Okay, so while it doesn't work in Chrome, it does work in Safari. Hm.

Bhaskar Ravi

That's interesting. I'm not able to get it to work in Safari on any of my 3 machines or my tablet.

Marc Krenn

BTW I'm on ElCapitan.

Found the problem:
Chrome doesn't like the superLayer.

videoLayer = new VideoLayer
_____video: "images/ramenvid.mp4"
_____#superLayer: sketch.VideoContainer
_____width: sketch.VideoContainer.width
_____height: sketch.VideoContainer.height
_____backgroundColor: "clear"

Bhaskar Ravi

Good find. I am on El Capitan as well, so strange that this doesn't work in Safari for me. Still doesn't explain why this has been working fine in the past, though Chrome just went through a recent update.

Another really quick example. Loading a simple video for me doesn't work in Safari. Does work in chrome though...this could be an mp4 issue!

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