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Alexander Rauser
Posted Nov 23 - Read on Facebook

Hey there. I am trying to wrap a large website/desktop view into a scroll component so the user can see the entire page. It's imported from PSD 1170x2550 pixels.

I tried: viewer fullscreen, but then I only see what fits into the browser viewport and there is no native browser scrolling (which makes sense)

I tried also:

layer = Framer.Importer.load "imported/design"

scroll = ScrollComponent.wrap(layer.content)

but getting undefined is not an object (evaluating 'layer.subLayers')

What I am trying to achieve is showing multiple interactions on that large web page...

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

v45 (2537)


Arron J Hunt

scroll = new ScrollComponent
scroll.size = Screen.size

layer = Framer.Importer.load "imported/design"
layer.superLayer = scroll.content

Alexander Rauser

Hi Arron J Hunt thanks thats awesome and now it works with the mouse scroll. I guess can't add scroll bar, but that's OK for now. Thanks again!

Jordan Robert Dobson

You could enable it back again with CSS. I could look into this for you if you want. I was digging around enabling text selection and found the CSS that disables the scroll bars a few days ago.

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