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Joshua Pekera
Posted Dec 14 - Read on Facebook

I have a cool workflow for you if you like to design with real data. I have been using Paw, a REST client for Mac ( and Sketch Data Populator ( to populate designs with real data using returned JSON from a GET request. Made this demo video using the Dribbble API to show the workflow. Suggestions and ideas welcome.


Reshad Farid

this is awesome!

Michael Dorian Bach

You should write a medium post about this.

Gregory Futureboy

Sacha Drouin unleashing the power of Sketch

Joshua Pekera

Medium post is under way. I'll post it up once its done.

Amilton Longo Paglia


Stephen Crowley

I like it! In this instance I might try and skip Sketch and go straight to Framer. Nice to see your process with PAW and Populator, thanks for sharing.

Gustavo Youngberg

Very cool!

Joshua Pekera

Thought you might dig this Jay.

Joshua Pekera

Think about this in a product team environment. Where a shared dropbox folder synced JSON files to all the designers on a team so they could populate their designs with content.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great stuff. My team needs this.

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Florent Gosselin

Very promising!
Thanks for sharing Joshua!

Alberto Calvo

Great stuff, Joshua! :)

Vishal Gupta

Would love if you could share your structure of Sketch file as well

Christophe Stoll

Hey Joshua et al, if you have questions or suggestions for Sketch Data Populator, please get in touch! :-) (we're currently working on improving and extending it)

Luke Warda

my JSON has mutiple levels. Can I access that data by doing a placeholder like {} ?

Siavash Shabanipour

We've been using the same workflow at my company, however one of our developers has forked the Sketch Data Populator to pull data including images directly from our API. If there is enough interest I'll see if we can get a public version for any API.

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