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Rongfei Terence Geng
Posted Dec 02 - Read on Facebook

Trying to learn some Framer but while following along the tutorials on Framer’s site, I came across this error saying "unxpected ..." while learning "dragging" (directly typing in what was on the tutorial). Any body can help out please? Thanks a lot! The file I’m working on:


Vince Pataky

You have an extra space in two of your lines @ layer.on

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's failing at the ...

Chris Camargo

Like Jordan says, just placing ... on a line doesn't mean anything. It's breaking because the syntax is wrong.

Nathan Krischer

Yup line 31 ... Is not valid

Rongfei Terence Geng

Thanks for replying guys. I thought the ... was strange, too. But was just following the example here (final example in the page):

Chris Camargo

Ah, looks like they were trying to add some placeholder code in their example. Probably poor form for the 'Learn' section. Koen Bok, should this be updated? I'm guessing others are just copy/pasting those example during their learning process, like Rongfei here.

Koen Bok

Benjamin what were we trying to do here? :-)

Rongfei Terence Geng

Chris Camargo Good point! I actually figured that out later by encountering the "..." for a couple of more times in the tutorial. But for the first time, I thought it was part of the grammar.

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