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Alex Ivanov
Posted Nov 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, would you refer me to some examples of multi-screen apps (with 5+ screens at least) prototyped in Framer? Trying to see how complex would it be to prototype the whole app (not just one or two separate screens). Thanks!


Stephen Crowley

Hey Alex, Chris Camargo has an excellent module that makes this very easy. Check it out with video demo and slide deck as well:

Josef Richter

Framer is generally not intended for multi-screen whole app prototypes, that's what even Framer website says. Although it's achievable, you might be better off with different tools for such task. May I suggest you try e.g. Floid, that is being built on top of Framer actually and the guys seem to be going the right direction.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah it depends on if you're trying to storytell or protoboard it or you need specific animations for each.

The code would get kinda large and can be broken up. But it's possible it's just up to you to manage.

Chris Camargo

Josef Richter, just curious, where does the Framer website say that?

Joshua Pekera

Here you go. This is a prototype I did with 8+ screens in sketch. The CTAs on the different pages are clickable too and show additional views.

Chris Camargo

To be clear, I personally reject the notion that Framer is a poor choice for prototyping multi-screen prototypes. I can say that because we develop multi-screen prototypes on a daily basis. You just need to crawl before you walk – get started with micro-interactions, then move on to flows.

Jordan Robert Dobson

That's like rejecting front end JS frameworks.

Koen Bok

I agree with Chris. We just haven't optimized for it yet. Combining hifi micro interactions with easy flow could be really powerful.

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