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Rohan K
Posted Nov 18 - Read on Facebook

do framer prototypes not work on windows?


Timon van Spronsen

They should work, it's just a JavaScript library.

Rohan K

ok, figured it out, since I am using a surface (with a touch screen), it doesnt register any clicks, but works fine with touch points...

Kevin Cannon

It only works in Chrome or Safari.

Lukas Imrich

I had a similar issue with my windows touch screen laptop. Id did nit register mouse clicks.

Rich Zarick

Have had better success using Edge on windows 10, but it's been a little while - what are you running?

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's great on the phones but yes there are some issues with touch points. Weston Thayer I think has worked around some of this if I recall correctly.

Weston Thayer

Rohan K, if a Framer prototype is run on a touch screen, the only input type that will work is touch. This is regardless of browser, device size, or OS. OSX doesn't support touch screens, so you'd never see it there.

The issue is tracked by See my latest comment for a code snippet that lets you toggle between mouse and touch support.

Rohan K

Thanks Weston!!

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