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Timon van Spronsen
Posted Nov 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers,

I'm prototyping a track selector for a DJ app. I'm pretty new to Framer and I'm not too happy with the code.
I'd love to get some feedback on how I could be doing certain things better :).



Djordje Vanjek

Looks cool mate. Maybe some nicer/faster animation curve like `Framer.Defaults.Animation = curve: "spring(80,10,0)"` otherwise it works nice, gj!

Rohan K

My main concern with this interaction is that you need to keep it pressed to make a selection. This essentially means half your target touch points are always obscured depending on whether you tap with left thumb (4-8) or right thumb (1-4). Maybe try a toggle instead? tap once to open and tap again to close. Also is there a use case where there might be more than 8 tracks? What about track info (name/artist etc)

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