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Lauren Nielsen
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer people! I'm glad to be part of this network (thanks Jordan) and I'd like to share my work and get some help. I'm working on my first prototype and I've gotten to the point where my brain hurts thinking through the logic, and I just don't want to research anymore. I think what I'm trying to accomplish is pretty simple, but I can't get it!

I would like to set an active state for my menu buttons (right now when you open the menu and click on Schedule, it will change color), and I don't really know what way to approach that kind of thing. Probably with attributes in Layer States linked to a click event...


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yep. Do you have a state for the color change on schedule?

Rich Zarick

check it: at the end of the file here - just doing what you said in adding the color to the background of the menu items based on click events. using the 'menudrawer.sublayers' as an array so you dont have to re-write the state for every layer manually
Edit: explination

Lauren Nielsen

thank you Rich!

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