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Way Chang
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! Maybe It’s a stupid thing ~ I made a bouncing ball animation in framer. then I got a problem…

“loop_limit” is “6” , first loop is ok
but second loop -> loop display shows: 0,2,4,6
third loop -> 0,4,8

framer project:

Any help on that? THANKS!!!

and, is there a better way to key animation like this ?



You don't have to bind the event every time. Simple way to fix this is unindent the a9.on Events.AnimationEnd (line156 to 176).


I use Utils.delay to do this kind of animation. A fast and simple way but may not be the best

Joon Won Lee

Great !👍

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work!

Chris Chen

Wow! Nice~

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