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John Grendon Enderby
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook

Any chance we could have the size in Framer studio for device screens (for desktop) to align with the predefined artboard sizes in sketch? Or include one in Framer for the Sketch HD desktop artboard 1440x1024?


Marc Krenn

If you don't care about the deviceImage you can achieve that by:

Just make sure to reference to a sketch-layer that fills out your complete artboard.

John Grendon Enderby

Thanks! Problem solved. Though would be good to have a browser image wrapper for presentation purposes. I guess setting a custom artboard in Sketch at 1440x900 will be easier in future ;)

Marc Krenn

Yes, I'd go with a customDevice as well :)

They can be a bit of a pain in the ass to get right at first but if that's your resolution you're primarily prototyping for, I'd say invest the time ...

(An adaptive browser device would be pretty cool though!)

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