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Marc Krenn
Posted Sep 25 - Read on Facebook


I'd like to share my latest side project with you:
Bounce w/ faux-physics.

The formula needs some work (seems like Apple uses some kind of advanced dampening method) and the overall implementation is super hacky but maybe, just maybe, it will find it's way into core Framer some day* ...

Please be aware of the fact, that right now it's just a proof-of-concept which is certainly NOT ready for most real life scenarios.

Have fun with it nonetheless! :)

Example 1:
Example 2:
Example 3: # includes a barebone POC module



* layer.draggable.bouncePhys = enabled
_____ground: Screen.height # or constraints height
_____energy: 90
_____gravity: 20
_____bounciness: 1.60
_____resistance: 5

? :)


Jonas Treub

Love it!

Josh Lee


Koen Bok

Great work!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Can I pick your brain on this stuff some time?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work. This seems to feed into the proposal Pasquale had on key frame animation. Or onion skinning.

Michael Lee

wow, great work

Niels van Hoorn


Trevor Phillippi

Jason Cashdollar William Chan

Min-Sang Choi


Isaac Weinhausen

Fantastic work man. Super useful! Once again, the Framer community is making my job easier...

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