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David Lee
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook

This is not a framer question but I think it might be a good place to ask. I really want to know how important (or unimportant) micro animation like #twitter star/heart is. I'm wondering how conversion rate changed after twitter added the micro animation to the star. If you know something about it or related research/experiment, please help me to resolve my growing curiosity.


Stephen Crowley

Hey David, you might have read Dan Saffer's book "Microinteractions" but if not he gives examples and talks about user engagement pre and post design.

Jackie Chui
Twitter says the heart is 6% more popular than the star, so far.
I think it has less to do with the animation but the meaning behind a like vs favorite. To me I can like a lot of things casually but I think twice before marking something as 'favorite', as it reflects more about my personality and standards.
I think of the micro animation as icing on a cake, giving that bit of delight always helps to make an interaction more rewarding, or even addictive :P

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