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Andrew Nalband
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook

Here's a little way to create a circular progress indicator (view video in full screen HD for best results) There are squares, circles, splatters and more:

Happy to share some of the other examples shown here if people are interested.


Andrew Nalband

The first example here can be achieved in a mere 17 lines of code.

Johannes Eckert

ha ha, so clever! This sinus and cosinus should be useful for something!

Jordan Robert Dobson

The best one. The coffee stain loader.

Andrew Nalband

Jordan Robert Dobson - here's the "coffee stain" loader

Andrew Nalband

I'm kind of partial to the triangle loader:

Andrew Nalband

Jordan Robert Dobson - the official coffee stain progress loader

Ash Adamson

gosh, now we're getting into PI. Better go review my math books. XD

Andrew Nalband

Don't be fooled, Ben - I literally googled "how do I find the points in a circle"

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