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Christian Dorian
Posted Nov 12 - Read on Facebook

Recently have been trying to find a simple way to do longpress as I am somewhat new to coffee script.

After digging around I have found two solutions—neither of which are ideal for what I am trying to accomplish:


Basically, I am looking for a more straightforward way to have longpress and click perform different actions on the same layer.

Appreciate any help!


Weston Thayer

I don't believe there's a Framer API that cleans up the code. Hammer.js provides press and tap events that probably do what you want.

George Kedenburg III

looks like Jay's example is only like 20 lines... how much simpler do you want it to be?

Daniel Lin

Jay's example is awesome!! But even cooler / more beginner-friendly is if you could just say "x.on Events.Hold, ->" or "x.on Events.ForcePress" day...

George Kedenburg III

Ah yeah, it definitely would be great to expand out the native Framer events. I think Koen might be working on this?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I think this is what you want Christian Dorian ?

Christian Dorian

Thanks Jordan Robert Dobson this is really helpful!

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