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Weston Thayer
Posted Nov 11 - Read on Facebook

Finally had a chance to clean up the iOS Home rearrange prototype I showed last week.

Feel free to suggest improvements at With a bit more work, I think someone could create a common module for grid rearrange.


Djordje Vanjek

Epic job man, thank you for sharing! ;)

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, impressive. Thanks for sharing! 😊

Joseph Martz

Smart people makes this easier

Weston Thayer

Thanks :). Benjamin Den Boer, it's mainly just an extension of the logic in your List Sorting prototype:, that's what I started with. Maybe this would be a good addition to

Taylor Wright

This looks really cool, I'm looking forward to checking the source. One thing I noticed is the jiggle, it looks like iOS's is a bit faster and it also seems to be staggered so none of the elements seem aligned in their motion.

Jackie Chui

This is really awesome, I'd love to incorporate this into my project, but had a hard time understanding the code, it's just too much for a non developer :P

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