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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Nov 10 - Read on Facebook


No need to use "transparent" for a transparent background on your layers.

All you need to do is this to save a few keystrokes:

foo = new Layer
 backgroundColor: ""
 html: "No bg color."

I wish I would have figured this out a long long time ago. :D


Josh Ackerman

To add to this you can also do

LayerA = new Layer
backgroundColor: null

Andrew Nalband

backgroundColor: false will also have the desired result

Jordan Robert Dobson

So will backgroundColor: "ThisIsTotallyNotAColorButLetsTypeLess"

Andrew Nalband


Andrew Nalband

Also backgroundColor: "hatersGonnaHate" will work

Jordan Robert Dobson


Andrew Nalband

Possibly the most informative Framer post on Facebook. We should probably pin this.

Joon Won Lee

Yeah, thanks for the good tip

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