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Ash Adamson
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone made a dropdown menu inside Framer? AND is there simpler way to do it, perhaps HTML inside framer?

Saw the example Andrew, referenced:

IMO this example uses a lot of code for a dropdown and wondering if there's a better way of building out an interface with multiple dropdowns.


Nikolas Tsoor

Hi, George Kedenburg III you mentioned that if you would like to use native system dropdown to use <select>, can you help a rookie understand how in use it with in framer? :) Thanks

Andrew Nalband
Nikolas Tsoor


George Kedenburg III

i opened this project expecting hundreds of lines, but i think this is exactly how i would do it if i was building a dropdown

George Kedenburg III

if you want a native system dropdown, you can always just put a <select> element in your prototype but if you want to do something custom i think this is a fine solution

Ash Adamson

oh alright, thanks G! I'll go with this method

George Kedenburg III

are you wanting to do multiple dropdowns? you could just wrap this in a function to make them on the fly

Andy Cetnarskyj

you could wrap this in a module possilby?

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