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Didi Medina
Posted Nov 09 - Read on Facebook

All my designs are made for iPhone 6 but I own a iPhone 6+ ... any way to get everything to scale to fit? Haven't found much on the topic on the group when I searched :/

Heres an image that kinda explains my ongoing complex at the moment...


Ehren Miller

Instead of using absolute measurements (layer.width=600), use relative dimensions (layer.width=Screen.width). Making things responsive is going to take more time, though.

Andreas Wahlström

If you're OK with just scaling stuff up, you could try something like this:
madeForWidth = 750
scaleFactor = Screen.width/madeForWidth
Framer.Device.contentScale = scaleFactor

Jordan Robert Dobson

Search for my device pixel ratio module. That will help a lot.

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