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Marc Krenn
Posted May 31 - Read on Facebook

Jordan finally gave me some reason to modify my constrainToCircle-module ( to make it work like a virtual analog stick, which is commonly used to control touchscreen games. It's a bit of a hack-job, but who cares as long as it works, right? :)

stand-alone framer file: (new version!)
SF2-themed version:

Btw, I'm using Jordan's great pointer- ( and my very own, not so great but effective, degrees- ( and distance-modules ( :)


Adam Mazurick

Really cool

Jordan Robert Dobson

This is awesome. I had your code for this setup to use in this way but never got around to it. Great work!

Jordan Robert Dobson


Stephen Crowley

I could definitely use this for something I'm tinkering with :)

Josh Ackerman

This could make a nice multitouch gesture.

Leeves Chou

How could you turn this to be a GIF file?

Marc Krenn

Leeves Chou: Record screen (<15 sec.) with Quicktime and then upload it to

Leeves Chou

oh thanks!I just found a amazing tool on Github and it's for free here is the link

Marc Krenn

Jordan was kind enough to fix and simplify my file:

Thanks, Jordan! :)

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