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Dani Feles
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook


Vince Pataky

Relly nice! It would be even better if the plane was getting faster and faster during the actual loading period ;)

Jonathon Toon

Nice work, started to use skyscanner recently.

Mark Johnston

Seems to take too long to get to takeoff and the angle seems too sharp. I don't think anybody would like the idea of a plane taking off that steeply even if it was accurate. 😬 needs more "gentle".

Mudassir Ali


Carlos Santiago


Carlos Santiago

Joe Alfonso Mira!!

Kyle Bennett


Jordan Robert Dobson

This is great.

Leon Kosters

Really, really cool! Maybe you can let the plane fly out of the screen, instead of, at the end, flying straight. I think that's somehow smoother. But at the end, really cool!

David Giugno

really cool

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