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Santi Allende
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Hello! I am new to framer.js and I'm having trouble with how my sketch artboards are importing. View video below. Any help would be awesome!


Andrew Nalband

Hi Santi Allende - the viewer window you have selected has a smaller height than your design. If you use the fullscreen viewer, your design will be fully visible.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Santi Allende - have you set the x & y values of your second artboard and/or the contents within to 0 as well? Also, yeah, it's likely being cropped by the window. You can also reposition elements relative to the window after import, like "sketch.button.y = Screen.height - sketch.button.height" for example. :-)

Santi Allende

Thanks guys! Yes, it was being cropped by the view window. :)

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