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Andrey Mironov
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! Probably someone asked this question before, but anyways, is there a reliable way to capture and export a 60FPS GIF? Quicktime + Photoshop CC do not do that, unfortunately. Thanks!


Stephen Crowley

LICEcap maybe?

Édouard Urcades

Gif grabber is da best afaik

Andrey Mironov

thanks, guys! i'll try both and let know

Stephen Crowley

Yeah, let me know- I haven't used Gif Grabber with much success (LICEcap isn't amazing by any means) so I'm anxious to hear how it works for you.

James Morris

Hey Andrey ... I usually grab it with QuickTime, save the MOV and then throw it into GIF Brewery. You usually have to do lots of little adjustments to get it right, but I find I can usually get a great looking GIF out of it. Then throw it through ImageOptim if I want to reduce the file size even more.

Andrey Mironov

Unfortunately, GIF grabber outputs a very poor quality GIF with low framerate, as well as LICEcap

Koen Bok

Benjamin is our resident gif expert.

Anton Jarl

LICEcap can do other framerates, in the bottom left corner. GIF compression is another matter though.

Lukas Imrich
Stephen Crowley

This also showed up on Product Hunt:

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