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Jackie Chui
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Don't we all hate that tiny close button in mobile Safari?
Here's a concept for a more efficient tabbed browsing experience:
Three-finger swipe left/right to switch between tabs.
Three-finger swipe up to close tab.

Design process:


Jonas Treub


Andreas Mitschke

Interaction design PoV: This is a great use ;)

Usability PoV: needs to be tested as 3-point swipes have been abandoned for a reason on touch devices below a certain size. For tablets from 7" up, this might be applicable. Smaller devices, be sure that fingers will cross and the functionality will break. Testing required though ;)

Great work

Marc Krenn

Makes sense. :) (Y)

Most dismiss gestures use swipe-down though (maybe as a reference to the positive/negative-matrix).

Tobia Crivellari

Cool! :-)

Jackie Chui
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