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Alex Venus
Posted Nov 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey there Framer Community,

i am writing you on behalf of our team at sehen und ernten - we are a design student initiative, created and run by students of communication design from the HTW - University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany.

Our goal is it to teach other students valuable informations and get them some design jobs outside of the stuff they learn at the university. From time to time we give free workshops about design related topics for students.
Some of our members are really into framer right now and we would love to have a introduction workshop or bootcamp.

My question is do you know any (or are you a) „framer experts“ located in Berlin, Germany that might give a presentation / introduction for some students over at our place? Beer is on us!

If you do just drop me a PM or Reply here :)


Koen Bok

Well I'm in Amsterdam but I like Berlin a lot and I know Framer pretty well. If you get a nice group together, we'll come over.

Maxence Le Corre

A friend of friend told me that a guy named Koen had some knowledge chunk about Framer

Arved Baumgärtner

Hey Koen, i wrote you a pm! we would like to welcome you in our studio in Hamburg as well ;)

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