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Jiaxin Chen
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

Just some personal opinion about the new cursor: when I holding(click) it, it just change it's shadow, that is not visible enough to me, maybe we can add a reverse gradient to make it looks more "pressed".


Jiaxin Chen

I think Jordan Robert Dobson's cursor module did better.

Andrew Nalband

Agreed - it's too subtle now

Koen Bok

cc Jorn van Dijk

Marc Krenn

The new cursor is also barely visible in its normal state on white-ish backgrounds :/

Andrew Nalband

Here are some ideas of ways to make the cursor more visible in different scenarios. Feedback welcome. Koen Bok Jorn van Dijk - happy to share the file with the Framer team.

Marc Krenn

both proposals are way better than the current one. thanks, Andrew!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm still rooting for this one:

Jorn van Dijk

But seriously now :)

I've put in some work to make this better. Thanks for outlining your thoughts Jordan on usability when presenting, and Marc and Andrew for your suggestions. There is no perfect solution here, given that the cursor has to perform well under a variety of circumstances, while not being to intrusive on a day to day base. It's about finding the right balance, where the cursor performs well most of the time.

In a future release, we can also make it easier to use a custom mouse image (it's pretty straightforward, but you have to know how to navigate to framer → images). For those dire times when you need pacman as a pressed state.

Let me know your thoughts!

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's failing on white. Which a lot of UI is white so that seems pretty important.

I'd still use that code snippet for the cursor every project if it was made.

You're version looks better in other scenarios though. So that's some progress.

Marc Krenn

I agree with Jordan. Maybe try to mix in some subtle grey-ishness like Andrew did, Jorn?

Also, why not just add a second pair of high-contrast cursors for people with, uhm, special needs? :P

Andrew Nalband

It's a beautiful cursor, but I have to agree with the comments so far. It deteriorates pretty badly on white and on really bright images.

Marc Krenn

Any news on this topic, Jorn?

By the way, I think I found out why we have such different perceptions of what contrast is acceptable to us:

Turns out my eyes are, due to suboptimal ergonomics, NOT 100% perpendicular to the monitor, and low contrast images/overlays pretty much disappear at >15° (17" matte display). Won't blame you guys for my bad ergonomics but still a little "margin of error" would be great ... :/

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