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Josh Puckett
Posted Nov 14 - Read on Facebook

I just published a Framer module and Sketch plugin that makes it trivial to work with an animate SVG Paths.

Copy/paste nicely SVG data from Sketch, create and animate SVG paths with one line of code.


Jonas Treub

This is so cool!

Stephen Crowley

Wow Josh, nice work! Can't wait to try it- thanks for sharing.

Mike Johnson

Great stuff!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Makes me think it would be nice to have an animatable proxy value for things like this with change:proxy and future things yet to be defined.

Andrew Nalband

ZOMG! This is awesome! I'm going to try it out now

Danny White

Nice one!! FYI: I had to manually drag & drop the .sketchplugin into the Plugins folder to get that to work. Running Sketch 3.4.1 Josh Puckett

Andrew Nalband

Pretty nifty! Thanks Josh! I've noticed sometimes the SVG doesn't load properly when I reload the page. Anyone else seeing that?

Jared Palmer

Andrew Nalband +1

Tarun Chakravorty

is there a way to increase or decrease the animation speed?

Andrew Nalband

Josh - this is how I'll feel about you if you can get that error fixed:

Tarun Chakravorty

also, this is amazing. Makes svgs so much easier!

Daniel Lin

so awesome!! is there a way to change the svg color?

Ivan Afandi

Good stuff man!

Chris McDonnell

Very neat Josh!

Arvi Raquel-Santos

Can you specify which point the animation starts on? For example, if I have a pentagon and I want to start the animation to start on one of 5 points.

Ban Nguyen

I couldnt find the link to download the pathToSVG plugin, please help

Daniel Lin

Ahh the sketch plugin isn't working for me anymore :(

I get this error when I "Run Custom Script" in Sketch:
"TypeError: bezier. svgAttributes is not a function. (In 'bezier. svgAttributes()', 'bezier. svgAttributes' is undefined)
line: 32
sourceURL: /Users/dlin/Library/Application Support/com.bohemiancoding.sketch3/Plugins/Untitled.sketchplugin
column: 32"

Jerry Lin

Hi, does anyone have the problem like me? I can't past the SVG to framer by pathtoSVG plugin.

Brad Ryan

Jerry Lin I was having the same problem. I was able to use this gist to solve it:

Hugo Magallanes

I think this plugin is no longer working :(. The sketch plugin no longer works in Sketch version 41 and in Framer I keep on getting this error: { TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new SVGLayer.create') }

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