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Reshad Farid
Posted Nov 04 - Read on Facebook

Hi I have trouble importing my sketch layers into framer studio. The import is going smooth but the layers are showing on just 1/4 of the top left viewer screen. I use the standard artboard size from sketch and I also found the template files that were provided by framer and those are fine (they are 2x bigger ). Does it mean I have to scale every artboard to 200% by hand every time I want to import from sketch and scale down when using it elsewhere?

( I am using iPhone 6 artboard by the way )


Andrew Nalband

Reshad Farid - yes, this is a fairly common issue. Right now you have to scale the Artboards. If you look at Benjamin Den Boer's recent post you'll see this is one of the most commonly requested features.

Reshad Farid

Ah ok I am pretty new to framer so I couldnt find anything and the framer scaling didnt work on the layers. Hope its gonna be fixed soon!

Andrew Nalband

It looks like this is one of the things that's in the works.

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