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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Nov 15 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! This week, we're going to work with Pieter Omvlee from Sketch to see how we can improve the Sketch - Framer integration. We already have a couple of things on our wishlist, such as layer group flattening, fixing masking errors, artboard scaling, PDF/JPG support, and more. I'd love to know what your major & minor gripes are, from feature requests to small issues you're running into. Please let us know! :-)


John Grendon Enderby

How about importing the layers using the CSS attributes that Sketch spits out. Could then have editable layers based on the design.

Troy Mcilvena

I actually just came to this page to see if there was any news on the artboard scaling issue. đź‘Ť

Noah Levin

Id rank artboard scaling (assuming by that you mean 2x export) way up at the top. ;-)

Andreas Wahlström

Enabling access to text layer styling and content would be interesting. Quick mock:

Josef Richter

Generally you have 50+ art boards in a sketch file. You usually want to import just one, or maybe a couple of them. Never all of them. Maybe copy/paste instead of import would make more sense.

Dennis Kerzig

Already sent you an email with my thoughts about that some weeks ago. Really looking forward to a better Sketch Integration because that's the only chance to keep up with all-in-one solutions like Comet from Adobe is becoming one eventually.

Andy Cetnarskyj

There are a lot of naming conventions in multiple plugins for the export to framer and assets. It would be good to have an official naming convention for framer/sketch, plugins can then work around this. It would stream line the workflow if you use files with more than one application

Eugene Krivoruchko

In Sketch I'd normally work at @1x and later export to @2x, it would be nice to be able to get @2x assets when importing in Framer too.

Andrew Nalband

It would be HUGE if you didn't have to prep your sketch file by grouping for framer import. The worst problem is where I lose all the layers within a group if that group has a subgroup. It honestly makes the import basically unusable at the end of long design process because of the prep work necessary just to get going.

Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks for your input so far guys. Really appreciate it!

Maxim Gurkin

It would be great to improve artboard export from Sketch to Framer. Today it looks like everyone is using hacks to make @1x dartboards for mobile look nice.

Fabian Buijing

- @2x and @3x import
- possibility to choose/check specific pages/artboards for import

Stephen Crowley

When I stack my art boards in the left pain I assume this is the index order. Not sure if it happens to others but it doesn't seem to be the case all the time.

JT DiMartile

I would love to have Sketch export the framer json and package without needing to open Framer. I use this to go Sketch to Framer to After Effects. But Framer is really just a stop gap. I know this isn't exactly what you are asking for, but I like to use both framer and after effects depending on the needs of the project.

Arturo Goicochea

how about exporting assets directly from sketch?

Ee Venn Soh

Have we stopped supporting Photoshop?

Koen Bok

Nope, Photoshop is still supported. Although >90% of our users use Sketch today.

Josef Richter

Philosophical: would it be possible that both Framer and Sketch saved data into single file, kinda "next to each other"? So that I can have a single file opened at once both in Sketch, for editing stuff, and in Framer for animations, without all that export/import nonsense. That's basically what Adobe is trying to do in project Comet, but they will fuck it up, as always.

Jan Janssen

Text editing +1

John Grendon Enderby

On import from Sketch, automatically recognising the layers i.e. Utils.globalLayers(sketch) as part of the import process, and code highlighting for the layers in the inspector.

Anton Jarl

1. Only import specific Artboards
2. Layer flattening on import
3. Import all layers (no more lost layers)
4. Naming convention to automatically create stuff in Framer (LayerGroup called Scrollable and has a mask creates a ScrollWrap etc)
5. 2x Import

Jackie Chui

double click a layer on the layer inspector to automatically add its full name(with the parent prefix) in the code editor

Dmitry Sholkov

1. Working at @1x scale that automatically scales up to 2X. Sketch already recommends working at 1x, would make sense to have option for framer.
2. Ignoring some groups. Maybe having a certain character before the folder name would make ignore it as a layer and make it flattened as it wasn't grouped?

Dmitry Sholkov

3. Turning some Group layers into array. If I have a list of repeated items in mockup, would be great to have an option somehow already mark is as array of objects.

Andrew Nalband

Dmitry Sholkov - if you put each repeated item into its own group, and then put all those into a parent group, you can access the items in an array with something like holder.subLayers - here's an example

Benjamin Den Boer

Many thanks, everyone. All of your feedback has been noted. We have some exciting stuff coming up. ;-)

Andrew Nalband


Jordi Martinez Ortega

Hi guys. Actually, this comes at very good time for me. I've been working on a tool to convert Sketch artboards into Framer Layers recreating as many properties as possible. I just uploaded the alpha version on github. It's call SketchToFramer. Consist on a node process and a Framer module. I included a Framer test. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Philip Worthington

+1 for the @2x import (while working at 1x in Sketch). Oh and support for non-rectangular masks would be great also. It's exciting to hear the Sketch import is getting a bit of love. Any ideas when it might be out in the wild (or in the Beta)? Thanks for the great work guys.

Koen Bok

It will be in beta soon after the next sketch beta.

Andreas Wahlström

< and > doesn't get stripped out of layer names when importing (not valid variable names)

Koen Bok

Maybe sanitize layer names in general.

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