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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Drawing Lines Between Points


After seeing Callil's work on the touch points and his pain points on drawing a line between two points I wanted to see if I could find a solid way to do this with some basic layers along side some animation.

I think it came out pretty well.

Next step is connecting the points as I loop through so they are all connected. Like one big nacho connected by cheeeeeeese... Grommit. :D


Jordan Robert Dobson

To see how I got there and where I started... check this out:

Jianqi Chen

OMG great work

Josh Ackerman

I could really see this leading to a native framerJS solution to force layouts like in d3.js. For example something like this without using another library.

Marc Krenn

Jordan, I'd use the shit out of a line-drawing module* **. It's beyond me why you can't draw lines natively in framer - it's such an important feature, especially for debugging.


* Constructor would need a height/thickness attribute and a default color and it's ready to go. Extra points for a "round caps" option.

** ASAP plz - or I'll do it myself :P

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