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Jeremy McAllister
Posted Nov 04 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framers! I'm working with my dev team on a quasi-functional, retina-quality iPad prototype app, and we're looking for tips on how to overcome the massive load time & performance chug that we've run into. We're up to 72 Layers, 4 VideoLayers, 6 AudioLayers, a SliderComponent, the "shortcuts" and "AudioPlayer" plugins being required, and over 40 Event listeners. Other than try to compromise on the quality of the 2048x1536 backgrounds, what can we do to help out our 61.10 MB mammoth page load? I hope this can be helped within Framer, and if not it's understandable. Thank you very much.


Koen Bok

Generally, you can get this to work with some optimizations, but there is no silver bullet. More like a bag of tricks that can make big differences for different situations.

Some things I would try:

- Preloading some assets
- Lazy loading some other assets / layers
- Try some different codecs (jpg vs png)
- Optimize assets with optipng
- Avoid animating non-gpu properties (width/height/shadows/border)

George Kedenburg III

Pop open the .framer and run all the assets through this: and then this:

Mike Feldstein

you're toeing the line between "prototype" and "the app". I'd start with lazy loading the videos, meaning instead of loading up all the videos at the beginning of your prototype, only load them when they need to be shown

Jeremy McAllister

Thank you all for the tips, you brought my images folder size down by 70%! Mike Feldstein, I totally agree and have brought that up, which was "noted" :/

Dionis Loire

Yeah, totally agree with Mike Feldstein. A prototype should ideally have maybe 1 or 2 focal points, anything beyond will be counterintuitive (but not impossible). My suggestion is to break it apart :| Best of luck!

Andrew Nalband

Jeremy, you could also look at optimizing the compression settings on the videos you're using. .mp4 H.264 compression and then play with the settings to find the right tradeoff in size/quality

Jeremy McAllister

Thanks for the tip, Andrew. Honestly, the images were more of an issue than the videos. All of our videos total something like 1mb, which is acceptable IMHO.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Make sure you don't have any images in the directory that you don't need / are no longer using as well.

Tisho Georgiev

You can try adding an offline manifest, so that no static content is actually loaded over the wire after the initial load.

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