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Joshua Pekera
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

I'm polishing this prototype I did for LinkedIn's dormant users as a "welcome back experience". Got some micro interactions to still do, but its in a good enough place to share. Feel free to critique.


Joshua Pekera

For those that are interested, here is a deck that details the design problem and design process that I went through.

Marc Krenn

Hey Joshua, that's a pretty neat prototype you've got here. I love the idea of giving the user a quick way to catch up :)


Here's some honest critique you've asked for - keep in mind, I'm neither a PRO, nor do I think I'm a superior designer or something. Also, please don't see the following as a list of "should haves" but rather as some food for thought or debate:

* The way you use the background blur is stylistic only, when it should probably reveal what's behind: The main linkedIn app, why everybody's here for! Showing the blurred out main app in the back also helps the user to create a mental model of the map ("Where am I","How do I get back?" and "Why does linkedIn look so different this time?!").

* I wouldn't stress the "blurry setting-style"-metaphor too much anyway, as it's kinda reserved for OS functionality. But if you insist on using it, you can remove the "Pull to close" message, as you can expect 98% of iOS users to get it even without it. It's a learned behavior after all.

* iOS' status bar should rather be placed in front the blurry layer. If it's on an extra sketch-layer, you can easily bring it to the front with statusbar.bringToFront() or by changing it's index to a higher value.

* I'm personally not a fan of those scale-animation when dragging. I'd rather leave them some margin on all four sides so it can "breathe". (btw the Cards are super cute and well made!). Also, too many animations will make it look visually busy and childish - not what you want for a linkedIn app.

* "See what's New - We have some new features and apps to tell you about. Swipe to learn more.": I'm afraid this teaser may induce more problems and questions ("Swipe where?" etc.) than it helps. I'd rather replace it by adding a custom "new feature" owl image on the top of "new feature"-cards. Also: The fewer swipes, the better.

* Not an interaction problem per-se, but there's just way too much text on the second to last card ;)

* "That's Everything!" -> Maybe this should fade out after a few seconds or it should scroll down a bit to reveal the app ... you wouldn't believe how many people get stuck on screens like that :D ("Okaaaay, what do I have to do now to FINALLY get to my linkedIn functionalities?! All I wanted to do is X and now I'm stuck".)

* "That's Everything" could also scroll down on a final swipe to the left. It may feel awkward but I'd give it a try.

* Your whole overlay can be moved upwards, which, I guess, shouldn't be possible. There are at least two ways of fixing this problem, either by using conditionals (if overlay.minY < 0 then overlay.minY = 0) or by setting draggable.constrains.


Hopefully that didn't sound too harsh.

If so, I'm sorry, it really wasn't meant this way. Kinda hard not to look like a knowitall-brick when criticizing someone's work on the intertubes D:

Joshua Pekera

No worries Marc. Thanks for taking so much time to critique. This was designed in 5 days with out any collaboration as a design assignment for LinkedIn's interview process. You had some great insight. Usually I prefer to work with other designers through the process to pinpoint these kinds of issues and explore them. Thanks again for the critique.

Marc Krenn

You're welcome :)

Considering those circumstances, it's really, really impressive work! Doing all the thinking , the UI and the code in such a little amount of time is super tough.

I can pretty much guarantee you, even the mere fact that you'll be able to deliver an interactive prototype will certainly impress them!

Good luck!

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