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Dave Crow
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

I finally wrapped up this prototype (all the interactions are in the sidebar):

The animations are pretty simple, but I used this project as a chance to wade further into the deep end of programming concepts.

A few things I learned:
- Creating a list of items by looping over an array
- Interacting with and modifying layers in an array
- New techniques using conditionals - including using “unless”

A big thanks to everyone that helped out by answering my questions. This community is one of Framer’s best features!


Jordan Robert Dobson

Great questions In the slack group Dave!

Marc Krenn

Nice work, Dave!

Would love to see you squish the last small bug to make it perfect: "Cell Phone Bill" turns into "Mortage Payment" on mouseover or when the sidebar scrolls :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I recommend getting a link or similar you can give people. Or if you have a site do a simple redirect.

I'm TRYING to get cloudApp to let us do vanity urls.

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