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Caitlin Charniga
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi all. I have a simple app where i'm swiping left from screen to screen. I have each layer added as a new page in the pagecomponent. I have scrollvertical set to false in my pagecomponent, BUT I need it set to true just for one layer within. How can I do this?


Caitlin Charniga

So I was already pointed to this example, and maybe I'm just missing something. I'm not seeing where this helps my issue.

Koen Bok

I *think* what you are looking for is a PageComponent where one page has a ScrollComponent so you can scroll down to see more content. The above example does exactly that (but for all three pages).

Andrew Nalband

Hi Caitlin - it's very helpful if you can attach your project so we can help you. From your description, it sounds like the example Koen pointed out should do the trick.

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