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Jonas Treub
Posted Nov 17 - Read on Facebook

We just shipped a new version of Framer Studio with a main focus on fixing bugs. A ton of stability issues were fixed, and some general improvements. We also added some nice polish, like a downstate for the cursor and made it retina. Thanks for reporting issues everyone.


Koen Bok

If you want the new cursors to work in old projects, copy over the framer folder from a new project.

Jorn van Dijk

Go guys!

Silvia Bormüller

Can`t import from Sketch 3.4.1 after updating :/

Jonas Treub

Silvi, if you can send the console error log to [email protected] we will take a look.

Dory Little

did the cursor size get larger?

Jonas Treub

The new default cursor actually is a tiny bit smaller. This change was necessary to fix a render bug on retina displays.

Dory Little

Hmm looks like I'm still seeing the bug then

Jonas Treub

Only new projects created with the latest version of Framer Studio have the new cursor.

Dory Little

Right this is what I'm seeing for new projects

Jonas Treub

If you email [email protected] we will help you out.

Dory Little

cool thanks!

Antonio Krämer Fernandez

thanks for the update!
Can someone explain why you have to press cmd+G to "Find Next"? Why doesn't "Return" work anymore…?

Daniel Klein

I downloaded the update and my license got revoked I'm back on the free trial now and my license code is not working.

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