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Jiaxin Chen
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, here is another question.
layerA is keyboard, layerB is a card that has a list inside which is scrollable.
When layerB is on, touch the layerA can close layerB, but now when I touch the cross area it will be closed, how can I make the cross area invalid?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

How are you hiding the LayerB when A is on? visible = false?
If Layer A is on top, there should be no event on LayerB area while Layer A is on top. If layerA is bellow, I would separate LayerB in two areas and disable events when you want the place invalid?

Sorry for the vague answer, but without seeing your prototype is a little hard to get exactly what' you're saying. Maybe someone else will understand better! :)

Andrew Nalband

Jiaxin Chen - add any kind of handling for clicking on layerB - this can even just be assigning a variable you're not using, like x = 1 and this will handle the click event and it won't be propagated through to layerA

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