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Jiaxin Chen
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi, all
I want the `AnimationEnd` react on `animate 2` only, but now it impacts both `animate 1` and `animate 2`.
Looked up documentation found nothing...


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

AnimationEnd, even though you kept inside the animate call, is valid for any animation of the list object.

Here's a way to do what you want:

You should take advantage of the Animation object. Instead of calling animate on your layer, create distinct animation for each action you want to achieve, and then attach the event only for the second one.

The shared sample should help! Let me know if you have any other issues!

Jiaxin Chen

Sorry for my poor English, my requirement is when the list object finished the first animate and second animate, then let it go to the default state which is "scale = 0 & opactiy = 1" so that it can make a loop.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Jiaxin Chen same approach as I posted to you.
Don't know all the details ( again, pasting image of your code is not the best way to get our help : )

This plays animation 1 and 2, with different times ( like you did, curves generally take longer to fire the end event ) but I added the animationEnd ONLY to the second event that changes opacity to 0, so when opacity hits 0, it resets the object to initial scale and opacity.

Change to your values and try it.

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