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Don Behm
Posted Nov 04 - Read on Facebook


I'm still very new to framer, but I'm really enjoying it so far and this community is just awesome. Thanks for all the help getting me unstuck over the last few weeks.

I've been working on a little menu system (73 lines) that uses a for loop to fill a Layer with as many buttons as you'd like. It has over and out states wired up and it keeps track of the active button. It also has a variable for the selected button on first run. Maybe someone will find it useful, maybe not. I'm hoping one of the more advanced users in this group will take a quick look and maybe shoot me a few pointers on how to improve on it?



Julien Perrière

Looking good! I actually wanted to give it a try myself and see what I could come up with, maybe this will be helpful.

Andrew Nalband

This is cool, Don - thanks for sharing

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