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Christie Day
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Im relatively new to this. Wondering if anyone can help.

Here is my prototype. There is a gray X cancel button on the prototype that is supposed to be invisible on the first load. You are supposed to be able to tap on the purple button that is behind it to activate the "reactions" Then the cancel button should appear and the purple button disappear. Tapping on the X cancel button should return everything to its initial state. Im having trouble wrapping my head around how this would work.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers :)


Andrew Nalband

Hi Christie - is this what you want to happen? Explanation added in comments

Christie Day

Yes! exactly what i was trying to do! Im downloading this now to look at your comments. Thank you Andrew!

Andrew Nalband

I also added these two lines at the top of your prototype. I don't know if you'd noticed, but you had an error because "Cancel_Button" hadn't been defined

Cancel_Button = Layers.Cancel_Button
Cancel_Button.visible = false

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