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Richard Kho
Posted Nov 03 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to set up a workflow that allows me to prototype in Sublime with Gulp + Framer, but is flexible enough that others can open it in Framer Studio for versatility.

Right now I have a Gulpfile set up in a Framer Studio project that lets me live reload in the browser.

However, I'm still relying on having Framer Studio kept open because it needs to occasionally re-compile my Coffeescript, which is not very ideal for my pace -- A while earlier, I ran into some issues with a compiled file that would not re-compile because the syntax errors I had were throwing reference errors to FramerStudio and Utils, and this required me to do some work replacing the files in my Framer subfolder from an older commit.

Any suggestions? I'm happy to write vanilla JS, I just need the project to still work with Studio,


Benjamin Den Boer

Koen may have some suggestions for you here.

Koen Bok

Jon Gold wrote a nice piece on this:

Andreas Mitschke

I know of this:

and this

My own set-up is something similar using gulp pipes for watching and updating a chrome window, but far from Studio convenience.

Javier Chávarri

Hey Richard Kho I found the exact same problem in the past (+ update Framer projects on Windows + edit submodules and test them on the fly) and I built a tool with Gulp to solve that. I have updated it on github, in case it helps you or others.

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