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Arron J Hunt
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Would anyone be interested in Framer Challenges? Where you're presented with an idea or interaction and a group builds it with Framer? Just a little practice/challenge every so often.


Jorn van Dijk

Bring it on!

Andrew Nalband

gimme gimme

Nicolas Russo-Larsson

would be great practice

Jorn van Dijk

This sounds like layer tennis btw. Lets have some fun :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Oooh... yes... Layer Tennis was always a fun Friday.


Now thats a great idea! A chance to learn by solving the challenges ourself and compare it with other solution from great people here and see what things that we can improve.

Andrew Nalband

Framer Faceoff?

Marc Krenn

Sounds cool.

For very selfish rea ... For the sake of fairness, I'd like these challenges to require a fair split between Interaction-, UI-design and prototyping/coding so anyone (totally not me) could compensate their possible weaknesses in some of those fields!

Oh, and students should totally be able to win internship positions at FB, Google, you name it. Maybe Jorn and Koen can ring up their buddies in the Valley to set this up? Great, thanks a lot guys.

(I'm so not drunk right now, I swear!)

Dave Crow

I'm in. I'd love to work on things outside of the product I build day in and day out.

Julius Tarng


Joshua Tucker

*Puts hand in*

Andrew Nalband

Framerace? So many name possibilities. Would it be a timed challenge?

Jordan Robert Dobson

American Framer Warrior.

Ee Venn Soh

This is similar to Creative Codepen Challenge. Refactor that for Framer.

David Silva


Mike Johnson

Definitely. Daily UI for Framer!

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