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Dave Crow
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Hope I'm not over-posting 😁- but...
Another riddle for this prototype:

1. Click the Auto Insurance cell and it expands.
2. Click off the cell and it collapses.
3. Click to expand the cell again. But now "pastDuePeek.visible = true" does not work. I can see the layers move in the layers panel, so I know the click event is happening.

I’ve been fighting with it for over an hour - so another set of eyes would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Andrew Nalband

Have you noticed that if you click the layer twice it works?

Andrew Nalband

I'd try to set more of the properties you are adjusting in the states since you're using states. The problem seems to be occurring when you change states:

Jordan Robert Dobson
Jordan Robert Dobson

I thnk that should work.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Instead of using visible (I'm not sure why the hell it's being so finicky (likely a timing thing I can't dive into at the moment) but ignoreEvents is probably a better solution instead of visible toggling.

Dave Crow

Sweet. I'm in the go but I'll take a look later tonight.

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