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Nick Kutateli
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Studio features request:
- Windows (much better for dual-screens and landscape device / web prototyping)
- Ability to browse and edit multiple files. Having to edit module files in a different editor is beyond annoying.


Josh Ackerman

This would be great. I understand it might be difficult from a design perspective but, it would also be nice for Framer to support split screen on El Capitan.

Dylan Opet

All agreed! Default attached but to split as mentioned above for a design perspective would be so lovely.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'd prefer Tabs like this... instead... more like Coda.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Love the detatched Idea as well... sometimes I just want more screen space... also great for mentoring... and bumping up text size.

Damon Seeley

+1000 for multiple file browser!

Didi Medina

This would be awesome!

Patrick McLean

"Ability to browse and edit multiple files" +1

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