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Joshua Pekera
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

I updated Sketch to 3.4 and now I am getting this error in Framer. Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined. Any ideas?


Joshua Pekera

The error flags line 1, so it has to be an import issue of some kind

Edwin Van Rijkom

Could be a code inferencer issue. Could you share me a link to your project so I can check?

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

It works here Joshua, maybe is your Framer Studio version also? I am using the (1.14.14)

Joshua Pekera

v44 (2469)

Joshua Pekera

Just checked and I'm running the latest version

Joshua Pekera

are you seeing the same issue Edwin?

Joshua Pekera

Could this have to do with all the bugs in Sketch App 3.4?

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