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Pat Van de Ryk
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

Dear Framer JS Team, I am looking for a tool to create an application for disabled people, which means it has to fulfill some standards which enable people with special physical constraints to easily use the app. Is Framer capable to fulfill these needs? Is there any information available on this topic? Thanks you


Andrew Nalband

Hey Pat, sounds like a cool project. It's kind of hard to say without knowing what the standards are that it needs to fulfill.

Sergey Voronov

framer is prototyping tool, so it will not really allow u to create application

Marc Krenn

I'm curious to hear what those standards are? Special hardware, TTS, etc.?

Pat Van de Ryk

Ok thank you so much! basically its about WCAG 2 , which are very extensive though. On the other hand ARIA-Tags are important as well. But as I said, I am not a professional programmer and I am not that skilled to fully grasp it, at least not so far. I design the page someone else will be dealing with the code, thats why we considered the solution with framer/sketch. It is not a real application, but kind of a portal, where the disabled person can login and add members to his assistant team...Its not that sophisticated...Thats why we thought a tool like framer can do that. Sorry if I misunderstood the usage of framer...

Pas Ta

Those standards are mainly to enable persons who have impaired vision or are not able to use a mouse (using some kind of joystick or keyboard only) for navigation.
The techniques to be used to accomplish this are described here (including a chapter for ARIA)

Many governmental / public organizations have their own standards building upon WCAG 2 or WCAG 1. Those oftenly need to be fulfilled if you are working on a project for these organizations.

Marc Krenn

Thanks Pat and Pas,
really interesting topic. Both, the fulfillment of WCAG guidelines and the use of ARIA tags should be possible with FramerJS / FramerStudio.

Framer, however, has a strong focus on visual aspects and I'm afraid most of Framer's strengths (animations, pointer/finger-based-input), won't carry over to such projects.

But if you're primarily looking for an easy way to go from static sketch-mockups to an interactive prototypes, I'd say give it a go!

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