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Dave Crow
Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to use an array to create a list of items that don’t all have the same height? I’d like to create a list like the attached image, but the headers have different heights than the other list items. So instead of setting the y property to item * 52, I want to set it to the maxY of the previous item in the array. But I’m not sure how to do that. Thanks!


Joshua Tucker

Hey Dave! Here you are sir.

Marc Krenn

if index %% 3 == 0
_____cell.height = height * 1.5

... makes every third row a bit larger. To clarify: "%%" is the modulo operator which divides two values and returns the remainder. In this case, for every third row, modulo will return 0...

or index in [1...rows]
_____cells[index].y = cells[index-1].maxY + gutter

... should be self explanatory :)

Dave Crow

Ran into a hiccup. In order to create the list I posted above, I was going to manually adjust the height of the header cells by doing "cell[0].height = 63". This updates the height of the cell, but doesn't push the other layers down. What am I missing? Or is there a better way to do this?

Marc Krenn

You don't need both "cells = []" and "superLayer"

Approach 1, using a generic array "cells = []":
* "cells[i] = new layer" should be
"cell = cells[i] = new layer"
* get rid of "superLayer: sidebarItems.content"
* "cells[0].height = 63"
see line 29 here:


Approach 2, using a superLayer-array (this is probably what you want):
* remove "cells = []"
* remove "[i]" from "cells[i]"
* "sidebarItems.content.subLayers[0].height = 63"

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