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Don Behm
Posted Oct 30 - Read on Facebook

Hello! I'm trying to create a menu of six items with a for loop and I'm having problems calling a specific Layer (sideBarMenuItem) in the loop. I gave each Layer a name when it was created but I can't seem to figure out how to reference it correctly. So in this example how would I call to say sideBarMenuItem[4] outside the loop? Thanks!


Jonas Treub

When you store each layer in an array you can get the reference by index. I created an example:

Don Behm


Marc Krenn

Don, but if you want to keep those menuItems grouped using a superLayer (as shown in your screenshot) you can access those subLayers by "sideBarMenuContainer.subLayers[4]".

I know, it's a bit confusing at first:

generic array: "array[x].opacity = 0.5"
superlayer array: "superlayer.subLayers[x].opacity = 0.5"

Don Behm

Interesting! So Jonas Treub's suggestion worked nicely, but for future reference I should try including any parent superLayers in the target path. I think i might be getting the hang of this thing! Thanks guys!

Arved Baumgärtner

@Jonas Treub and Marc Krenn, in the Medium Prototype of Framer Examples, the array of layers gets called and bound like this to the scrollComponent: "sketch["scroll#{pageIndex+1}"].superLayer = scrollComponent.content". What is the way to acess subLayers here?

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