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Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook

hi, I have a question.( maybe to Framer Studio developer )
I made png sequence animation to use interval function, just like that movie. ( left - chrome, right - safari )

But I found out browser issue. If my framer project open from Safari browser, It looks good. But chrome browser, performance is not good. ( trembling png )
Why causing difference between chrome and safari?


Koen Bok

There can be many things that I'll have to see the code for to pinpoint. Common ones are: animating non-gpu properties (width, height instead of scale), rounded corners and blur/filters are way worse on Chrome.

Andrew Nalband

Yeah, Safari performs better for me pretty much every time.

Jordan Robert Dobson

There are some CSS properties for image resizing that *may* help.

Share the code and someone could take a closer look.

Jiaxin Chen

same here

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