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Daniel Lin
Posted Feb 08 - Read on Facebook

Currently, my modules don't load on "manual refresh" (cmd+R, or loading in browser), but after a single "auto-refresh" (after an arbitrary code edit) it loads and works.

Has anyone faced this issue before, or know what's possibly different between a "manual" vs "auto" refresh?


Jonas Treub

Could you send the project to [email protected] ?

Jonathan Tran

I'm experiencing the same issue, after the latest update (v51).

Koen Bok

Edwin could this be our initial load fix?

Jonas Treub

Jonathan Tran, can you share your with me? I can't reproduce

Jonathan Tran

Thanks Jonas Treub. I've attached a screen shot of it happening in the edgeswipe example project.

Jonas Treub

Unfortunately I can't debug an image. It doesn't seem like you are using a module btw.

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