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Roland Andrews
Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook

Using HTML in a scrollable layer - I try to use html select elements in a prototype. I have to place this element inside a scrollable layer. When I do this the select element is not clickable anymore. I made a simple prototype to demonstrate my issue. What am I doing wrong?


Andreas Mitschke

Hm, I'd test to put the select element into an additional layer and link that to the "green" bar layer.

(can't test it right now)

Jordan Robert Dobson

try adding this when you create the layer...

mySelect = new Layer
__width: 200
____"pointer-events": "all"

Roland Andrews

Jordan Robert Dobson like that: But it doesn´t help.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'll have to take a look tomorrow. I have a talk I'm preparing for today.

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