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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 31 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, we doing bug fix week. What are your most annoying issues? We might just fix them this week :-)


Adria Jimenez

Debugger stopped working looooong time ago :(

Rafael T Balbi Jr.

Reopening a project sometimes will not populate the sketch files

Anton Kartashov

Third-party libs (Snap.svg, D3.js) disconected sometimes. Start to work after only a few Cmd–R.

Other works perfectly. Thanks!


Can't import from sketch 3.4 :(

Johannes Eckert

In 10.11, the list of latest prototypes in the launch screen and the dock menu is empty (Sketch has the same problem with the dock menu, so maybe it's just me?)

Koen Bok

Yeah recent documents has been real flakey in 10.11. You'll see it in other apps too. I think we'll have to wait on Apple to fix that.

Rohit Muppidi

some improvements in the documentation, mostly the UI, search is flaky and the result highlighting is'nt working (just a pdf of the entire doc. should resolve this). layers do'nt get highlighted (in the GUI panel) on hover after a while.

Robert van Klinken

Not really a bug but this particular autocomplete bugs me sometimes when I want to move to the next line. Everything else is pretty amazing :)

Bob Baldwin

The shortcut to open docs doesn't close them, which makes it difficult to toggle on/off.

Koen Bok

Thanks Bob!

Arron J Hunt

Still getting crashes on 10.11 when closing a full screen project.

JL Flores Mena

Not a big issue, sometimes a bit annoying: when you open/close the layer inspector the editor jumps back to line 1.

Julien Perrière

Cursor has been looking weird for the past 1-2 weeks in chrome. Also, more of a feature request than a bug, I'd really like to be able to desactive the welcome screen. Cheers!

Arron J Hunt

Rory that's a big one for me. Also cmd+tab to outdent (same action as cmd+[)

Johannes Eckert

there's some lingering bug that is hard to identify. Often times, when there a missing , (unexpected intendation), Framer Studio fails to report that issue and isn't updating the view with the latest code anymore. It's practically invisible. I think this happens with longer code (unfortunately, I don't have an example at hand).
Upon relaunching Framer Studio, the error is reported immediately

Daniel Lin

Normally during a "cmd+f" search, hitting [enter] would jump to the next instance of the search term. (Example:

But sometimes it changes such that a cmd+f search jumps + highlights the first result it finds, and hitting [enter] now clears the text, and doesn't continue to search. (

I don't know why this happens for only some (but seemingly the more complex) projects, and it's pretty frustrating

Ryan Gambles

Custom device images don't work without a workaround.

Chris Lee

Layer flattening with * is unreliable/unpredictable.

Marc Krenn

Latest Chrome beta doesn't (initially) render framer prototypes properly. When sharing or mirroring a prototype to Chrome it looks washed out, like if the zoom-factor was off:

Pressing "CMD+" and then "CMD-" fixes the problem

Problem reoccurs after refresh.

Marc Krenn

Editing the content of for-loops, while having auto-refresh enabled, lets Framer Studio crash more often than it should.

+ feature request: auto-save/backup, thx :)

Koen Bok

Backup is already there. Check project.framer/framer/backups

Marc Krenn

Newest cursors (w/ "pressed" state) in the latest FS beta are pretty, pretty hard to see ... but I think you guys already working on it.

Marc Krenn

"###" doesn't grey out code blocks if it's indented

Marc Krenn

nonsene auto-complete suggestions based on random strings:

Marc Krenn

CMF+F "replace all" temporarely disables color-coding of affected lines

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